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Friday, February 22, 2008


It has been awhile since our last post, and there is much to report.
Here is our handsome little guy!
He is now walking! He has been taking multiple steps since
his birthday, but has really taken off in the last week or two.
This is our attempt to collect photographic evidence.
Austin also said his first official word! Ball. He had been saying
Dada for months, but had no idea what it referred to. He certainly
knows what a ball is, and now that he learned to say it.... he says it
ALL the time! Apparently LeAnna's brother John also said ball as his
first word, which is fun since Austin's middle name is partly in honor of him!

Finally captured both milestones in one picture!

Watching Baby Einstein. This is the only television programming he is interested in. The blanket he is holding is essential. We have three of them and they are definitely his "security blanket". Sometimes he will walk around holding one in each hand. "Ducky" is his favorite. He's in the wash now, but we'll try to get him on film too, (Ducky that is).

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin!

Daddy helped Austin blow out the candles. The cake doubled as a Super Bowl cake.

Austin did not get particularly messy. He didn't like the feeling of having frosting on his hands.

He got mostly clothing for his birthday, so there were only a couple of toys to get excited about. This one is from Mama and Papa.

We managed to find a toy train on Craigslist. Austin was quite taken with it, as were his cousins! Particularly Kaleb.

Here he is enjoying watching the train go around. He had a great birthday!