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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer time Fun

And it's not even July yet

Austin's first real taste of fireworks. He feel asleep last year.

Waiting for them to begin. Austin's not really as mad as he looks.

We finally made it to "Around the Bend" a steak house in rural Nebraska. We had heard good things about it, and ordered this 36 oz "steak for two". It was not as great as we had heard.

Went to Elkhorn Days. This train ride was a highlight of the activities.

Jim had heard of a military convoy coming to Gretna, so we went to check it out.

LeAnna attempting to fly a kite. Didn't go too well.


This was a BIG day for a little boy that **LOVES** trains. Union Pacific sponsored this day where 5 locations had train exhibits and activities. $10 for a whole family and shuttles to each museum. While Mommy was at work, Daddy and Austin went to play.

Mark and his kids caught up a little later

Guess what Austin's first word was when he awoke the next morning.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a Weekend!

We played all weekend. No work, few chores, no projects.

The Hochstettler family left us this weekend, we had one last summer get together before they pushed off. We'll miss you guys.


Stopped in Springfield to see the Jerks (Soda Jerks) at Springfield Drug. The Old Fashioned Soda Fountain is worth the short trip. Sadly, Austin missed it, he was snoozing in the car.

Snow Patrol and Coldplay at the Quest Center. Both are very talented groups and delivered a great performance.

Because we're out late at the show, Daddy and Austin when to Mahoney State Park while Mommy caught a nap. We played for hours, saw kites and even fed horses. Austin got his nap on the way home.

Unexpectedly, Mark's family invited us along to revisit the footbridge. Sure glad they did. It was a blast.

Lots of fun times at the playground at the Iowa side.

A nearby tree fell victim of our antics. Kaden's contribution to the above shot makes it a real winner.

We came unprepared for this fountain park but our little boy had the time of his life. He played and played. Soaked to the bone, wet and overstimulated, it was difficult to tare him away. Watching him, we had almost as much fan as he did. We'll go back for sure.

A few videos from this weekend

Playground FAIL


Getting Wet