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Friday, December 25, 2009

Let It Snow

It's been snowing for over 24 hours and continues as I type. We had snow drifts nearing 3 ft tall.

Fortunately for me, the whole family helped did us out.


Most of my adult life I've been a bit of a Scrooge around Christmas and although I still not a huge fan, experiencing it though a 3 y/o eyes sure can be alot of fun. This year, again, our Christmas was filled with trains.

Santa stayed a little longer to set up a model train for Austin

Austin is learning to be careful with the "special" train.

He got a ton of Thomas stuff too.

One happy little conductor, he played with it all day.

These are just totally cute on him

Happy Boy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Winter Wonderland

We had seen an advertisement for Santa's Winter Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop. We had never been there, but knew there was a train, so we headed out. Here is the photographic evidence. Please forgive Austin's crazy hair, his hair was wet when we put his hat on.

The poor deer whose lives were sacrificed to make a neat looking landscape for Bass Pro Shop.

We found remote control Monster Trucks...

Nerf gun target practice....

And Austin's favorite..... the TRAIN!!! He wanted nothing to do with Santa Clause, so you will find no picture with Santa.... who wants Santa when there's a train nearby!

They had this HUGE fireplace by the entrance. I thought it was awesome!

We have about 2 pictures from 2009 of all three of us. Unfortunately, I chose this day to go out without make-up and I didn't touch my hair.

Playing in the elevator. We were there for several hours.... lots of fun!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Loess Hills

The Loess Hills Scenic Byway traverses western Iowa through the forest covered bluffs. We decided to take a trip out that way and see what there was to see.

A free tractor museum in Missouri Vally.

Lot of trails to explore

We picked a bad day to go. It was rainy and overcast. This is the best view we got.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun with Daddy!

Doesn't every little boy like to climb on daddy?

Saying "ME!" after daddy asks "Who's daddy's favorite little boy?"

Showing daddy his "mad face"

Showing off

You've gotta rest after all that fun!

Cool Park

We found this neat park in Council Bluffs that is right by the river, and incidentally, right across the river from Eppley Airfield. So, you can sit and watch the boats while the planes fly right over your head before they land. Pretty cool.

Pretty Place

Black Hills-Going Home

Finally, I am done! Now I can update more recent things. It only took me 4 months to get it done!

Black Hills-Day IV (almost done)

Well, apparently in my absence from blogging, I have forgotten how to put the pictures up in order.... so they are completely messed up. I usually would have fixed it, but then I decided that none of you really care. So, here is day 4, completely out of order.

Here is Crazy Horse. Rather impressive. You can see it from the road (as this picture shows) or pay an extraordinary amount to see it up close. We chose the road, although I understand the visitor's center is really quite nice.

The weekend we were in the Black Hills, they were doing some celebration, where you could do all of this free stuff.... including entrance to Custer State Park, and a hay-rack ride where we were serenaded by this guy. We drove through the wildlife preserve while this guy sang us folk songs. It was fun!

Austin did have fun, but he just looks tired here.

It was slightly chilly.

Waiting for the ride.

They also had a free pancake breakfast. After we ate Austin, Papa and I went on an impromptu hike around a lake.

In the middle of day 4, we were tired and went back to the cabin to rest for a few hours. Our vacations are pretty packed full of activities... so rest is rare.

Earlier that week, Jim bought a rubber dart gun (at the expense of his glasses, but that's another story). During our rest at the cabin, Austin and daddy shot darts at us from the loft in the cabin. Very stealthy.

We saw big horned sheep that day, I hear they are rare.

Buffalo in Custer State Park.

We attempted a pony ride.... I say attempt because Austin was not happy. The next picture in our archive shows him crying his eyes out.... I didn't put that one in.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Summer Fun

Living history at Fort Atkinson: Blacksmiths, and it was hot that day too!


displayed at the Sarpy County Fair in Springfield

He's pointing out the next one he wants to sit on

Austin wasn't a big fan of the Carnival rides. This one was quite jerky.

A couple of wind blown boys

Friday, July 31, 2009

Black Hills-Day III

This was our hiking day. Mama and Papa offered to watch Austin while Jim and I went on a hike. We went to Harney's Peak, which (if I remember correctly) is the highest peak between the Rocky Mountains and the Swiss Alps.

Here's the starting line. It was roughly a 7 mile hike, roundtrip.

If you zoom in on this picture, you can see our destination.

We passed the cathedral spires on our way. It was quite amazing to be looking down upon them!

My mountain man, on top of the spires.

The first half of our hike was virtually deserted. We took the path less traveled on. There had been a wind storm the previous day, and we had to hike over several fallen trees.

While hiking we passed this sign. We had to sign a card and leave it at the entrance letting them know how many were in our party. That seemed sort of ominous to me.

Made it to the top!
It was freezing cold and windy up there... so we didn't stay long. This is Jim trying to speed up the process of leaving.

View from the top.

Look out tower.

So, while we were hiking... Mama and Papa took Austin to see the 1880 train depart. Well, it was their lucky day and they were offered a complementary train ride! I guess Austin had a great time. I'm sort of sad we missed it!

The train engine.

Happy little boy!

After we reunited, we went this place called "The purple pie" for lunch. They had homemade pie, that Jim said is some of the best he's had. He's a tough critic, so I figure it must have been good. This is their little mascot.

"The Purple Pig"

I think there are more pictures from this day that I forgot to add... but I will add them to day four..... our last day in the hills.