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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Tale of Two Kitties:

It has been awhile since we've mentioned the cats. So, I figured I'd get a few snapshots. They aren't great, and I particularly couldn't get Brady to cooperate. But, here they are.

Furry Boston

Little Brady

Sorry about the flash. This is the cat's favorite perch in the basement. They like to sit up here and look at the birds in the backyard. It has also been a safe perch from the "Austin monster" you see in the picture. As you can see, it will not be safe for long. He already grabs their tails.

Poor thing's been sick with an ear infection. He hasn't been the same.

Here, you can see that Boston has sited a bird. Good times for a cat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Salt Lake City

Last week, my Grandma Grace died. It was expected and it's one of those deaths that is a blessing, because we know she is so much happier now than she was at the end of her life. She is now happy, healthy, and reunited with family, friends, and her husband (which one, we don't know!) She was a lovely and talented woman who was able to play the piano by ear, in any key. She will be missed. It gave my family a rare opportunity. Me, my parents, and my 2 brothers hopped in the van and drove to Utah. My sister met us there. It was the six of us... no spouses and no children. That has not happened for over 15 years. Kind of weird, but it was an excellent return to childhood. Here are some of the pictures to document the trip.
My handsome brothers (Mark and John) were pall bearers.

My sister Krissy and I did a musical number at the funeral. It was "The Lord's Prayer". My Grandma used to play that song and have me sing for her everytime I visited.

Here we are with my dad and his parents. My mom is off talking to old friends.

Here are all the pall bearers. Handsome bunch. This was a unique opportunity to get to know a side of the family I really did not know well. I have cousins I didn't know existed and an Uncle I do not ever remember meeting.

My beautiful mom and dad at the grave sight.

This is my mom with her three brothers... Ken, Bruce, and Larry.

That evening, Krissy, Mark and I took a walk to temple square and toured the enormous building where they do general conference ( I can't remember the name). This picture was taken on the roof which is amazing!

The view of the Salt Lake Temple from the roof of the Conference building. (That's not the real name)

The following day, my family participated in a family tradition. We went to a picnic site in the mountains called Moss Ledge. This is something we did every summer of my childhood. Very nastalgic.

Proof we were all there together.

We made it up the mountain to the falls!

This was a wonderful experience. I don't wish to ever repeat it, but I am glad we did it. At times like this, I am extremely grateful to have the knowledge of the gospel that I do. There are no questions.... I know exactly where Grandma is, and that I will see her again. It makes an event like this a joyful one.

Friday, June 6, 2008


On Wednesday I had the opportunity to take Austin and 3 of his cousins to the zoo. Most of us had a good time most of the time.

Blurry picture, but here they are. Kaleb, Kaden, Kassie, and Austin. Kassie was extremely helpful throughout the whole day.

They loved running through the jungle

Peacocks are amazing. They were in full colorful form.

Gorillas in the gorilla house..... oh, I guess that's the picture below.

If you look closely you can see my reflection in the glass.

More gorillas, some made of metal, some made of flesh!

This is a family of sleepy monkeys. I thought they were funny all curled up together.

Then I looked down and saw my own monkey was sound asleep. Time to go home.

Finished Walk-way

Well, we finally finished the walkway. We laid the bricks and reformed the corner on the other side of the walkway.... so here is the completed project. It looks fantastic in person! The plants have started blooming and we are very happy with it!

We were also blessed by a happy surprise in the spring when our backyard trees that border the fence bloomed these beautiful pink flowers. Quite park-like in the backyard (if you can sort through all the plants) It needs to be cleaned up, but don't the trees look great!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goodwill Hunting

Jim goes to the Goodwill 4 or 5 times a week in search of treasures. This is something he's been searching for. Finally, there it was! Austin likes it too.