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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Footbridge & Heartland of America Park

The Omaha riverfront area has lots to offer a little family like ours. The new footbridge to Iowa was impressive.

Running ahead, a common sight for us.
He slept good that night.
This photo is worth explaining. Throughout the walk around the lake, we came across these lights that were about Austin's height. He found it necessary to roar at each one. I guess he showed them who's boss.

Thomas Live

We went to Lincoln to see our favorite little engine. Our favorite little boy was enamored.

1st National Bank Branch Grand opening

A new branch opened up near us. We celebrated with a free pancake breakfast, an inflatable, fire trucks, balloons, face painting and an animal show-and-tell with a huge snake, kangaroo and others. We also saw Lil' Red and got a ride on a golf cart.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Extra Stuff

A few extra things... none that call for their own blog entry, so I'll throw them all together.

Austin crawled into this papasan chair (that I've had since I was 16) to be with daddy. We thought it was pretty cute.

Austin loves music and loves to sing. This is Mama and Austin singing and playing the piano together.

My mom got this basket from my brother for mother's day. Boston was the first to make use of it.

Austin loves play-dough, but he doesn't actually play with it. He just wants you to take the lids off and he identifies the colors.

We went one Saturday to the cat room at the humane society. A dozen cats seeking love and affection, Austin was in heaven.

This little gray cat was our favorite.... but 2 is enough.

We no longer give Austin an official nap because he won't sleep at night if we do. Sometimes he insists on it. We find him sleeping in some interesting places from time to time.

Cute little guy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Platte River State Park

On my birthday we went for a hike in Platte River State Park. This was good preparation for our upcoming vacation to the Black Hills.

We spent a lot of time playing in the dandelions. It was a lot of fun. Austin loved this part, but didn't quite get it. He would blow while he shook the dandelion and held it out from him. This did succeed in losing the seeds, but the blowing was not helping.

This is our attempt to get a good picture of our little 2 year old. He did not cooperate.

On top of the tower. Austin didn't like it very much.

Walking down. He has to do everything by himself.

Here's the little waterfall!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lauritzen Gardens

The day before my birthday, the local "Botanical Garden" had a kids day. I don't know that it is a great garden, but Austin had a great time running around.

We are currently learning colors and the flowers were very helpful.

Bright Sun

Austin loved the fountains in the indoor garden area. He ran back and forth between the fountains.

Doesn't take much to please this little guy!

Gotta have Duckie (that's the blanket he carries everywhere). I keep telling myself it's better than a pacifier.

He loves water. Good picture.

More color identification.


Jim took this one, obviously the vines have not yet grown, but great shot of my bum!

Showing daddy the water.

There was an amazing outdoor train set-up. The entire thing was built with natural materials. You can see the track was raised with tree branches and the trunk of the tree is where the track lays. Austin loved watching the trains. There were at least a dozen trains going back and forth. He would have stayed all day.

They had made replicas of famous or historic Omaha buildings. Very cool.

The First National Tower, and the Woodmen.

Not quite as fond of the big train, he was a bit scared.

This is "big boy". I think it's the biggest steam engine built. Taken out of use in the 70's.