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Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Things

Austin is learning and growing quickly, and has recently started to have some really good temper tantrums. But, he is learning good things too.
Learning to color

He did this one on his own.... at first without the pillows. We added those to provide some protection.

We found Brady asleep in the beanbag, and thought it was pretty cute.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Miracles never cease...

If you are not lucky enough to know my child, you will not understand what a miracle this is. He was eating his pre-nap snack while I was washing his sippy cups. When I turned around, this is what I saw. This is unheard of for my child. He sleeps nowhere but his crib. I guess he was really tired. Even Brady was amazed and had to check it out!

Boston's Birthday

Today we celebrate Boston's 5th birthday. He was born a stray and was mercifully taken to the humane society. He became ours two months later after rubbing his face against the glass when we walked by. He's always known how to make his case. He has been such a wonderful kitty and a fabulous addition to our home. He no longer sleeps on my head, but sleep right next to me. He is a smart cat. Happy Birthday Boston!

He gets it from his father....

We were playing with Jim's new toy (He finally built up enough money to get himself a Nintendo Wii. It has been great fun.) When we turned around and saw Austin standing on the end table, proud as could be. He then started doing what you see in the video. This has become a favorite game of his. So far, he has not gotten hurt.

He'll just keep doing it, over and over. He thinks it's great fun.