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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Extra Stuff

A few extra things... none that call for their own blog entry, so I'll throw them all together.

Austin crawled into this papasan chair (that I've had since I was 16) to be with daddy. We thought it was pretty cute.

Austin loves music and loves to sing. This is Mama and Austin singing and playing the piano together.

My mom got this basket from my brother for mother's day. Boston was the first to make use of it.

Austin loves play-dough, but he doesn't actually play with it. He just wants you to take the lids off and he identifies the colors.

We went one Saturday to the cat room at the humane society. A dozen cats seeking love and affection, Austin was in heaven.

This little gray cat was our favorite.... but 2 is enough.

We no longer give Austin an official nap because he won't sleep at night if we do. Sometimes he insists on it. We find him sleeping in some interesting places from time to time.

Cute little guy

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