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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa's Winter Wonderland

We had seen an advertisement for Santa's Winter Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop. We had never been there, but knew there was a train, so we headed out. Here is the photographic evidence. Please forgive Austin's crazy hair, his hair was wet when we put his hat on.

The poor deer whose lives were sacrificed to make a neat looking landscape for Bass Pro Shop.

We found remote control Monster Trucks...

Nerf gun target practice....

And Austin's favorite..... the TRAIN!!! He wanted nothing to do with Santa Clause, so you will find no picture with Santa.... who wants Santa when there's a train nearby!

They had this HUGE fireplace by the entrance. I thought it was awesome!

We have about 2 pictures from 2009 of all three of us. Unfortunately, I chose this day to go out without make-up and I didn't touch my hair.

Playing in the elevator. We were there for several hours.... lots of fun!

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