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Friday, September 25, 2009

Black Hills-Day IV (almost done)

Well, apparently in my absence from blogging, I have forgotten how to put the pictures up in order.... so they are completely messed up. I usually would have fixed it, but then I decided that none of you really care. So, here is day 4, completely out of order.

Here is Crazy Horse. Rather impressive. You can see it from the road (as this picture shows) or pay an extraordinary amount to see it up close. We chose the road, although I understand the visitor's center is really quite nice.

The weekend we were in the Black Hills, they were doing some celebration, where you could do all of this free stuff.... including entrance to Custer State Park, and a hay-rack ride where we were serenaded by this guy. We drove through the wildlife preserve while this guy sang us folk songs. It was fun!

Austin did have fun, but he just looks tired here.

It was slightly chilly.

Waiting for the ride.

They also had a free pancake breakfast. After we ate Austin, Papa and I went on an impromptu hike around a lake.

In the middle of day 4, we were tired and went back to the cabin to rest for a few hours. Our vacations are pretty packed full of activities... so rest is rare.

Earlier that week, Jim bought a rubber dart gun (at the expense of his glasses, but that's another story). During our rest at the cabin, Austin and daddy shot darts at us from the loft in the cabin. Very stealthy.

We saw big horned sheep that day, I hear they are rare.

Buffalo in Custer State Park.

We attempted a pony ride.... I say attempt because Austin was not happy. The next picture in our archive shows him crying his eyes out.... I didn't put that one in.

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