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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Random, but adorable pictures

Austin with his Grandma (Mama). I LOVE this picture. Unfortunately, I didn't have the red-eye lens on, but if you ignore the red eyes, it is adorable!

In this picture Austin is celebrating the victory of the Red Sox in the World Series! We are hoping to have a similar picture of him in Patriot garb in early February..... check Mark and Jana's blog for the special celebration that took place following the Patriots win over the Colts last Sunday! It's good stuff and there's a super cute picture of Jim and Austin.

That's our happy boy. Especially when it's time to eat!

This is the natural habitat for the cats. Believe it or not, Brady will lay in the sink when the water is on! Their life is going to be seriously uprooted in another week when we move them to an entirely new house. I don't think they will appreciate it at first.

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