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Monday, April 14, 2008

Posing for the camera

Now that daddy works the day shift, there is an increased opportunity
to take daddys baths. On this particular evening, we turned on the
jets and made an abundance of soap suds. Austin grew a bubble beard!
If you look closely, you'll see the wound on his forehead from where he took
a header into Mama and Papa's brick fireplace hearth.

I sat him on the couch to take his shoes off and went to the next room. When I returned, this is how I found him. Perfectly posed for a picture!

He was having a lot of fun on that couch.

Eating Cheerios while watching daddy work in his "Nintendo Room"


Jim said...

In that last one, he's actually watching Mario 64 opening scenes. He'll be a video game kid for sure.

Mark and Jana said...

I was just going to comment that I'm sure you were working real hard in that room Jim. :)