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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Economic Stimulus Part II

Well, in hindsight, I should have reversed the order of this post and the following post, but keep looking and it will all make sense.
So, here are some pictures of the landscaping process that we undertook last week.
It begins. Jim against the bush.

Terrible picture of me, but proof that man (and woman) can conquer the enormous overgrown evergreen bush in their front yard.

This, is the bush. Well, it ended up being 3 bushes planted together, but this was all the yard waste from that one planting. I feel bad for the yard waste guys.

This is Austin's contribution. He really enjoyed the enormous dirt pile, and starting throwing dirt into the yard waste bags.

Here is an after picture. Look at the following post for more before and after. We completely redid the edging, and took out all the plants in the front. We planted things that will flower and should grow up quickly in a year.

We all suffered war wounds. I nearly chopped off my left pointer finger, we think Jim fractured his wrist, and Austin fell on Mama and Papa's driveway, and completely scratched up his nose. He looks terrible. His injury is completely unrelated to the landscaping, but worth noting. Hope you enjoy the pictures! More to come next week.

1 comment:

Mark and Jana said...

It looks wonderful and I thank you for motivating me to do our landscaping. :) I'm not sure how Mark feels about it though. :)