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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

Jim took the day off, and we took advantage of the nice weather, and our new zoo pass and went to the zoo. This first picture is actually at the end of our trip, so we are all pretty tired.

The bears were definitely the highlight of our trip. This sun bear was being fed cauliflower. Austin thought it was hilarious and was laughing like crazy. The crowd kept looking at him because he was laughing so hysterically.

Too bad we don't have sound.

The Polar Bear put on a nice show as well.

He was swimming and playing. The kids would line up in front of the window and the bear swam right up next to them. Austin had a great spot! Check out the video below.

Austin was so interested in this gong, that we had a hard time getting him to pose with the animal statues.

He's a little upset here, I guess you could say he's the gorilla

Two stubborn boys and a rhino

We're pointing to the elephants eyes.

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