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Friday, March 5, 2010

Austin's 3rd Birthday

This is the backwards post of Austin's Birthday... although, this first picture has nothing to do with it.... it's just funny that kids and cats are both attracted to getting into empty boxes.

This being the backwards post (because I haven't posted in so long that I forgot how)... we begin after the presents have been opened. Kaleb and Austin are playing his new Wac-a-mole game.

Jim is demonstrating how to use Austin's new car seat..... fascinating isn't it?

He really got into unwrapping this year.

The pile of loot

Austin and his cousin Kaden. Kaden is very good to Austin and they are great friends!

The train expo was held again on Austin's birthday, and see from his expression how much he enjoyed it.

Again, unrelated.... he likes to sit in the laundry basket and pile it full of other things.... balls, pillows, blankets.... whatever. Kind of fun.

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