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Monday, September 24, 2007

Developmental Milestones

Austin is now nearly 8 months old, and has become a mover and a shaker. He is nearly crawling now. He currently does a lot of rocking and scooting... this is the best evidence we have of the crawling.

He has always been a strong kid, and loves to stand. He is now able to hold himself up for quite a while.

He loves to sit on the floor and play. This is just a picture of him being happy. He is usually a pretty happy kid, which makes for a happy mom and dad!

In training for our half-marathon (which we ran yesterday and will address in a later post) we ended up running on a morning that was pretty cold. We were concerned about Austin because the wind comes right at him in the jogging stroller and we were planning on a 10-mile run. We found the warmest thing we could, but it was way too short. We had to cut holes in the bottom to stick his legs through! Here is the result. He got a little upset at the end of the run, and then it started to rain, so we cut the run down to 9 miles, but he has been a trooper through the whole training! He's a great baby!

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