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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Marathon

LeAnna got it in her head that a great way to lose some baby weight would be to train and run a half-marathon. Jim, being the excellent support that he is, decided to join her in the effort. Well, despite some very poor training, and neither of us losing much baby weight, we completed the half-marathon!

We had sort of a rocky start in that we actually arrived late for the race and still needed to pick up our packets. So, by the time we crossed the starting line, everyone else was long gone. We couldn't even tell which direction we were supposed to go! But, pretty quickly we started passing some walkers and SLOW runners. (LeAnna runs pretty slow to begin with, so it's hard to catch up to anybody when you start 15 minutes behind them).

As you can see here, Jim is looking great. This is about mile 6 or 7.

In roughly the same place, LeAnna looks pretty good too. At least we're both smiling. Little do we know that there is a killer hill just down the course from this point. But, what goes up, must come down.... and down the hill was pretty fun.

Here we are after finishing the race. 13.1 miles! We did not finish quickly by any means. In fact, the first and second place FULL marathon winners finished before us, but we still feel pretty good about getting it done!

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