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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Trip to New England: Part Two. The Baxters

Of course the real reason to visit Massachusetts was not to go to Cape Cod or even Gillette Stadium ( The Patriots are going for their 4th Super Bowl this year) , but to show off Austin to family.

We had a cook out (sort of) with Jim's mom and step-dad and we also went to an animal exhibit in Ludlow of all places. Austin loved the monkeys and the tailless stray cat that couldn't get enough attention.

Here's a great picture of Austin, Dave and Cindy after church on Sunday. Needless to say, Austin was quite popular and they enjoyed their time with him.

Cindy is quite occupied with her busy career and Stake Primary calling. Dave keeps out of trouble by maintaining his internet business and restoring "Harry" a decommissioned Police interceptor. (remember Chips?)

Jim actually got to work on Harry for about 4 hours. It's not really work though when you enjoy it as much as he does.

Last but not least, we stole a picture of Buddy the Basset Hound, one of the friendliest dog we've ever met. Austin was a big fan.

Let's go Pats! Make it 4!

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