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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wild Times in the Back Yard

Earlier, we noticed a toad had the misfortune of falling down our recess window. So when the Ludlows came over on Sunday, LeAnna suggested that Kassie help Jim get the toad out. They were successful, and I'm sure the toad was grateful, at the time.

A few minutes later, Kesa wanted to see the toad, so the three went out to find the rescued reptile. Not far from where he was released, Kesa spotted the toad. It appeared to be stuck under the AC unit. As Jim tried to free the toad (for the 2nd time) he found the amount of resistance odd so he began pulling harder. It was then when he saw the cause of the resistance; a snake's head was latched to the other end of the toad!!

It would appear that this slimy serpent had been laying in wait under the AC unit and found himself quite the meal. Unfortunately for him, his meal was too big to fit under the AC.

Jim reacted as any middle-class, white, suburban male, who just so happened to have a stick in his hand when faced with a snake a few inches from his nose...... He shouted "Holy Crap! It's a snake!" ( Yes, he kept the language clean in front of the girls. We're proud of him for that) and promptly slammed the stick down on the snake's head, pinning it to the ground.

As you'd expect, the snake didn't like that much so it started reeling and jerking it's long and rather plump body around in an attempt to get free. What a sight. So much so that Jim then shouted, "get the camera". So the girls when in to get the camera and spread the word. Soon, along with the camera, the whole family came out to witness the unlikely event.

Here's the pictures:

Obviously, the first photo is the Money Shot.

Jim managed to get the toad free but soon the snake escaped back under the A/C unit. After acquiring better snake hunting implements, Mark suggested moving the AC. As soon as they did, that snake took off fast, heading down a hole in the ground near the house foundation.

This rather large guarder snake who had gotten fat from eating bugs and the occasional toad has not been seen since. I don't know about you, but if I were him, I'd have found another hiding spot too.

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