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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A trip to New England: Part Three: The Poleshuks

We had the opportunity to visit with Jim's father and his side of the family. In fact, we were blessed to be able to stay with George and Paulette one week after they moved into their beautiful new home!

Here is the 4 generation picture. Nana Alice, George, Austin, and Jim.

Jim particularly enjoyed reconnecting with Paulette's boys, Bob, Dave and Craig.

Bob, the oldest, is currently working two jobs, one with George at George's Tire Place.
Dave has his own place in Barre and runs his landscaping and plowing business.
Craig and Erin, recently married, are settling into their new house on the lake. Craig is a short trip trucker and the newlyweds are expecting a baby, which will be Paulette's second grandchild. 2 grandkids at 38, how does she do it? :)

Unfortunately, the entire Dupont family escaped the lens of our camera, that's OK, their pictures would probably break your computer monitor anyway. JK!

Austin with Grandpa. Getting an early start with that Patriot's Gear!

In addition to visiting family, it was a good opportunity for the three of us to spend time together.

The Quabbin Reservoir.

Here Jim is getting ready to chew on Austin's "Yummy Tummy". Austin loves this and giggles and giggles. He then turns on his side to encourage daddy to keep going.

Here, LeAnna managed to capture a rare moment on film. Jim was inflicting "The big toe hold" on LeAnna's toe. She said he'd better stop or she would take photographic evidence.

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