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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Christmas Tree

It is a Ludshuk Family Tradition to go to the tree farm and find ourselves a fresh Christmas tree. We have been going to Santa's Woods outside of Blair the past 3 or 4 years. They take you on a hay rack ride, a sleigh ride, and then give you hot chocolate when you're all done! They also have real reindeer and Santa.
It was a little cold, but not nearly as cold as last year.

Here's the beautiful horses that drew our sleigh. Despite Austin's expression, he really did like the horses.

Here is Santa's "throne". Unfortunately, Austin was afraid of Santa, so he got mommy instead. This is a rare smiling picture for our boy.

Austin loved running around while mommy checked how tall the trees were. Daddy was on Austin patrol.

Here's my boys warming up over some lunch in the loft of the barn! We love this tradition!

Finished product! Big thanks to Mama and Papa for their assistance in decorating the tree!

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Tracy said...

What a fun tradition! The tree looks great! We don't get to put ornaments up this year. Camden's a destroyer. He just likes to take things apart. But we do have a tree up. So we are getting into the christmas spirit, even if it is in the 70s here.