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Friday, December 26, 2008


Santa was aware of the economy this year, and did most of his shopping on Craigslist. When Santa shops at Craigslist, he gets much more than is necessary for the same price. Austin's big Santa gift was a train table complete with a "Thomas the tank Engine" track and two dozen engines. Here is some photographic evidence of our Christmas.
Santa preparing to set up track in his new Wii pajamas!

Here it is... ready for one little Austin.

The big Thomas is a storage container that is holding another 12 engines.

Austin loved it!

He gravitated toward Thomas and Percy right away, but later enjoyed Toby as well. He even started singing Toby's song from the sing-along dvd.

Santa also came up with way too many toy cars. Austin wasn't even interested in unwrapping anything.... so many things to play with.

Austin got 72 cars for Christmas, most are pictured here. This is in addition to the couple dozen he already had. CRAZY SANTA!

All that playing makes a boy pretty tired by the end of the day

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Brian and Julia Buell said...

I love the Wii pjs! Eric got a train for Christmas too. I think I need to do some shopping on Craig's list!