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Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Hills-Day II

Wow! Day 2 was a busy day, and since it was our first day there, we have LOTS of pictures. Hope I don't bore y0u.

Austin was always ready to go long before the rest of us. He would insist on putting on his shoes and would run out to the car and wait for us.

Austin is a runner. He runs and runs. This little hike around Sylvan Lake was a great opportunity for him to do just that.

Sylvan Lake

We finally caught up to him

Part of the path around the lake


Two bumps on a log

Top of the world

We found this really fun rock with a peep hole in it

Austin did not find it as fun as we did

The Needles Highway. Being the off-season, the roads were almost deserted. That allowed us to take pictures like these.

I love this picture.

The cathedral spires

Jim liked having his picture taken with the wildlife. There are deer in the background

Is that wildlife?

Um, Hello. He is not as close as it looks. He's actually right outside the car door and could hop back in if necessary.


These donkeys were clearly used to handouts. They held up every car that passed.

Including ours.

Mount Rushmore from far away on Iron Mountain Road

We stopped to have lunch. We were a bit silly and tired. Austin is sleeping in the car.

Tunnel with Rushmore in the background

Iron Mountain Road has lots of fun Hair-pin turns

This is the entrance to Rushmore.

Here we are!

We went on the little hike in the area. It has hundreds of stairs, which Austin insisted on doing by himself.

From below

Eventually, Austin complained about his feet hurting. He kept going though.

We ended the day with ice cream in Keystone. A great day!

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